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The short story writing is an art that is very similar to writing funny news headlines funny dog stories. Dint you think? "For sale: baby shoes, never worn funny short stories." This story, written by Ernest Hemingway is regarded as the world's shortest story. Although the subject of this story is a tragedy,funny short stories it's very similar to the headlines we see in the newspapers  every day. An example: "A gunman welcomes the kindness of strangers."

As a form of literature, writing stories has existed funny dog stories  for hundreds of years. Fairy tales and fables of Aesop are known for centuries and are still read today. Stories and anecdotes were born in the oral environment and gradually spread around the world in written form. However, it was only in the 19th century that shaped the new writing was recognized as a distinct genre funny short stories of writing. 

While the novels were popular funny dog stories at the time,funny short stories some authors have understood that the novel format can not be used for short stories, which had a simple but coherent plot, fewer characters and no subplots funny love stories. 

Although the number of words is by definition limited to 7000-9000 words,funny dog stories a short story also differs from a novel or novel in that there is a simple plot, flowing through history and very tight and tense narrative technique avoiding details unnecessary funny short stories.

The format remains true to the structural rules of traditional theater funny short stories . It is believed that the structure to be the following: the introduction (the characters, the setting and the scene), a central conflict funny dog stories, rising action (conflict and other secondary funny short stories barriers to create tension in the journey the protagonist towards your goal) The crisis (the moment of truth), the highest point (a final confrontation involving the protagonist and antagonist) funny short stories, and resolution. 

These days,funny short stories  the number of words defined the kind of writing most of the structure. The challenge of writing history became aware writers shorter word count funny love stories. This resulted in a genre known as Flash or Micro Fiction, which is a very brief history funny dog stories .

 It contains various sub genres such as 55-fiction (55 words) Dribble (100 words) and 69ER (69 words) funny short stories, which is based solely on the number of words. These stories are a form of short story, but usually not considered typical. A variety of writing styles and narrative structures were invented stories. funny short stories A recent example is Jonathan Nolan's "Memento Maori" in which history has progressed on two parallel times funny love stories. While the former contains a first-person narration of the protagonist, the other is an account of the third person said after his escape.

Tale writing contains a broad spectrum. It is for each storyteller to choose their own form, genre and style. By sampling the different possibilities funny short stories, short screenwriters will be better prepared to make an informed decision  .


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